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November 30, 2004

Techdirt:Spanish Government Turns Off Free WiFi In Barcelona

Techdirt:Spanish Government Turns Off Free WiFi In Barcelona: "While there's been a ton of coverage concerning the bill in Pennsylvania to stop municipal broadband offerings, and how that could derail Philadelphia's WiFi plans, there's a more interesting case over in Barcelona. There, the city had already set up a free WiFi system, though it was quite limited. It was designed so users could just view 60 websites related to information and services for the city. However, even though the system was already built, and only offered in this limited way, the Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission has forced the city to turn off the network, claiming it violates competition rules. "

The Cluetrain Manifesto

the cluetrain manifesto: "Networked markets are beginning to self-organize faster than the companies that have traditionally served them. Thanks to the web, markets are becoming better informed, smarter, and more demanding of qualities missing from most business organizations."

ChangeThis Newsletter: 9.05 Biotechnology will make us perfect, but will we be happy? Or human?

ChangeThis Newsletter: 9.05 Biotechnology will make us perfect, but will we be happy? Or human?: "Biotechnology promises to make us stronger,
smarter, and more attractive. To make our kids
perfect in every way. But how will it change
what it means to be human, or to be happy?"

Playlist: iPod Hidden Button Combinations

Playlist: iPod Photo Potpourri

Seinfeld: Dictionary

Seinfeld: Dictionary: "The Jerry Seinfeld Dictionary of Terms and Phrases"

Image: Browser buddies? | CNET

Image: Browser buddies? | CNET "Netscape's new browser prototype features built-in scrolling RSS headlines below the address bar and promotes its Form Fill option to automatically fill out Web forms."

Gizmodo : Blacklist Numbers to Prevent Drunken Dialing

Gizmodo : Blacklist Numbers to Prevent Drunken Dialing: "Virgin Mobile is aiming to prevent drunken dialing in Australia by providing a way to blacklist numbers so that they can't be called until 6AM. According to a survey by the company, over 95 percent of drinkers make phone calls after imbibing, with 30 percent of calls going to the most dreaded of recipients: ex-partners."

Some people I know (and myself), really need this.

The Omni Group offers preview of OmniOutliner 3.0 | MacNN News

The Omni Group offers preview of OmniOutliner 3.0 | MacNN News: "OmniOutliner 3.0, expected as a public beta in the coming weeks, will have several new options for styling and editing documents, as well as support for attachments, new export options, inline notes, improved AppleScript support, and much more"

Sony takes on iPod with new hard disk Walkman |

Latest News and Financial Information | "The world's biggest consumer electronics maker aims to reclaim the market for portable and personal music devices, which it helped to launch 25 years ago with its first Walkman.

The product will be available in Britain before Christmas at 249 pounds ($462.70) and elsewhere in Europe in early 2005 at 369 euros ($489). The new hard disk player is the successor of Sony's first hard disk Walkman, which it introduced this summer but which can play back only music compressed with Sony's proprietary Atrac software. Atrac is the format Sony uses on its Internet music shop Connect, which opened in Europe this summer."

November 29, 2004

FuturePundit: Genetic Causes Of Infidelity Found In Twins Study

FuturePundit: Genetic Causes Of Infidelity Found In Twins Study

A comparison of the sexual histories of 1600 identical and non-identical twins found that genetic variations play a large role in influencing the tendency to infidelity among women.

"We found that around 40 percent of the influence on the number of sexual partners and infidelity were due to genetic factors," Professor Tim Spector, director of the Twin Research Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London, told a news conference.

Brad Sucks | a one man band with no fans

Brad Sucks | a one man band with no fans: "Brad Sucks is a one man band from Ottawa, Canada."

Gnome 2.8 - what's new and cool / with screenshoots

Tectonic -- Linux and open source news: "Gnome 2.8 - what's new and cool"

Karl Fischer takes a walk through the latest version of Gnome, version 2.8, to illustrate a few of the best new features of this very popular desktop environment.

Grand Illusions

Grand Illusions: "Dragon Optical Illusion"

This little dragon appears to be looking at you. But if you rotate the base this way or that the dragon's head appears to turn the other way...

Or if you stand the dragon on a shelf and walk about, the dragon's head follows you around the room. And yet it is simply a sheet of paper, cut and folded in a certain way.

The Relationship Revolution

The Relationship Revolution: "The Relationship Revolution"
by Michael Schrage
The notion that digital technologies have catapulted us into "The Information Age" has become one of the most durable and annoying cliches of the post-War era. Savants and seers insist that Future Shocks and Third Waves, along with their high-tech/high-touch megatrends, are being powered by new Information Paradigms along the Information Superhighway.

Wikinews Demo

Main Page - Wikinews Demo: "Wikinews, a free-content news source"

From the people who brought you

Wired Article

via wired.

Darkness, Tunnels, and Light (Skeptical Inquirer May 2004)

Darkness, Tunnels, and Light (Skeptical Inquirer May 2004): "Darkness, Tunnels, and Light"

Stories of darkness, tunnels, and bright light told by those who report near-death experiences actually have a basis in the structure and functioning of the eyes, the brain, and other sense organs that operate during these experiences.

‘Obesity tourism’ is Mugabe’s answer to feeding Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE has come up with a bizarre proposal to solve the food crisis threatening half its population with starvation. It wants to bring in obese tourists from overseas so that they can shed pounds doing manual labour on land seized from white farmers.
Times Online - Sunday Times

Extension Room

Extension Room: "Firefox Extensions "

PlayPod 0.1 - MacUpdate

PlayPod 0.1 - MacUpdate: "PlayPod is new Cocoa RSS-podcast client for browsing, listening and downloading podcasts (the audio equivalent of blogs)."

Marginal Revolution: Nature, Nurture and Income

Marginal Revolution: Nature, Nurture and Income: "When we observe, as we do, that low-income parents tend to have low-income children and high-income parents tend to have high-income children we should not bemoan the inequities of nurture but rather the inequities of nature. "

Read the here.

November 26, 2004

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