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January 31, 2005

Japanese Corporation Names

Japanese Corporation Names :: TechJapan :: English news on technology from Japan: "Ever wondered what 'Mitsubishi' means when written out in Japanese? Or maybe you've pondered over exactly how 'Sanyo' came to be known as Sanyo*. What does the 'shiba' in 'Toshiba' mean? In this article, we dive deep into the corporate names of seven of the world's most well-known electronics companies:

* FujiFilm
* Fujitsu
* Hitachi
* Panasonic
* Mitsubishi
* Sanyo
* Toshiba

Inside, we investigate two main areas for each company: what the characters that compose their names actually mean, and how the companies actually got their names."

Community Link Blog

: "Digg is a technology news website that gives editorial control back to the community. Most technology websites allow users to suggest content by submitting links or stories to an editor. If the editor believes the story to be relevant to the masses, he or she moves the story to the homepage. With digg, users also submit links for review. But rather than allowing an editor to decide which links go on the homepage, the users do."

Tool For Thought Tool For Thought: "This week's edition of the Times Book Review features an essay that I wrote about the research system I've used for the past few years: a tool for exploring the couple thousand notes and quotations that I've assembled over the past decade -- along with the text of finished essays and books. I suspect there will be a number of you curious about the technical details, so I've put together a little overview here, along with some specific observations. For starters, though, go read the essay and then come back once you've got an overview."

BlogMatrix Sparks

BlogMatrix Sparks!: "Use BlogMatrix Sparks! to record streaming Internet radio programs and download podcasts and store them in your media player (iTunes or Windows Media Player). Sparks! uses an interactive directory of radio stations and podcasts to help you find content. Sparks! runs on Windows, Macintosh OS 10.3 and Linux and is open source software"

BlogMatrix Sparks

BlogMatrix Sparks!: "Use BlogMatrix Sparks! to record streaming Internet radio programs and download podcasts and store them in your media player (iTunes or Windows Media Player). Sparks! uses an interactive directory of radio stations and podcasts to help you find content. Sparks! runs on Windows, Macintosh OS 10.3 and Linux and is open source software"

Top 10 Apple Failures

: "Apple and its compatriots have been highly innovative. These companies have proven that even if their ideas are well implemented, they cannot always promote them correctly. Other times, a good idea is implemented poorly, and despite their best marketing effort, the product fails. I have compiled 10 of the most notable products released by Apple or its comrades that failed.

BitTorrent, eXeem, Meta-Torrent, Podcasting: "What? So What?"

BitTorrent, eXeem, Meta-Torrent, Podcasting: "What? So What?": Corante > Get Real >: "The index that facilitates the sharing of files on a large scale is also the Achilles heel of peer-to-peer file-sharing, because it is vulnerable to litigation and closure. So what happens if the index is itself distributed? I try to get my head around the latest in peer-to-peer file sharing, and explain a bit about what I've learned, including the fact that BitTorrent's power rests in its 'swarm' distribution model, but not necessarily in your end-user download speed. What has this got to do with podcasting? (Answer: invisible P2P plumbing helps the podcasting wheel go round)."

January 30, 2005

SharpReader RSS Aggregator

SharpReader RSS Aggregator: "SharpReader is an RSS/Atom Aggregator for Windows"

Videora, like TiVo for Torrents

Om Malik on Broadband � Videora, like TiVo for Torrents: "A few days ago, I wrote about Videora, a BitTorrent RSS client which makes it easy for folks to find and download torrent files from the web. The post, picked up by others generated mostly positive responses to the software. Think of Videora as TiVo-for-torrent, using RSS feeds. In an effort to shed more light to the product, I did an e-interview (via email) with Sajeeth Cherian, a Canadian student, who has hacked together this wonderful product. Here are excerpts from an e-interview."

The Future Is Open: What OpenDocument Is And Why You Should Care

GROKLAW: "I asked Daniel Carrera, an volunteer, if he'd please explain to us the OpenDocument format. How does a format get chosen? And is OpenDocument on the list when governments like the State of Massachusetts make up such lists of acceptable formats for governmental use? If not, what can be done to change that? He graciously agreed. Because we are all concerned about proprietary formats and standards, and more and more governments are adopting policies requiring open standards, it's a very important subject."

So you want to be a consultant...?

So you want to be a consultant...?: "I've been a consultant of one form or another since 1985 when I started my old company, V-Systems, with a friend from college, and actually did bits and pieces of consulting as early as 1982. I have been asked often about 'the business', and I decided to write this up."

Batteries vs. Fuel Cells

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Batteries vs. Fuel Cells: "The last few years have seen boundless hype for fuel cells, but remember, no fuel cells are affordable or robust enough for vehicle use yet, and are barely affordable enough for high-end building use. Most people think that battery technology is maxed out, with no breakthroughs to be made, but most people have not been paying close attention. And worse, the people setting research budgets haven't been paying close attention, following the herd down fuel cell boulevard."

Pod Player

Pod Player: "Pod Player is a freeware application to be used with your iPod. It allows you to play music from your iPod while it is connected to your PC. When launched, it will look for an attached iPod and when it finds one it will read the music database on the iPod. You will then be able to views your songs in a similar way as in iTunes (by artist, genre, album, playlist, etc). You can now also extract songs from it"

January 29, 2005

First Feature Film Shot for the Pocket PC

First Feature Film Shot for the Pocket PC :: January 2005: "Independent filmmaker Rob Reilly's new comedy 'Back to Manhattan' is one of the funniest gangster films of the year. However, chances are you will never see it in a theater-and Rob wouldn't have it any other way! In fact, he's more interested in getting his film into your pocket than on the screen of your local Cineplex. So, he took pains to frame his epic seventy-five minute film for the small screens of portable media players and Pocket PCs-not forty-foot theater screens. The results are stunning!"

Staccato: A Creative Commons music show

Staccato: A Creative Commons music show: "Welcome to Staccato, where we feature music that probably won't get you sued.

All tracks are available under a Creative Commons license. So is the show, of course."

AirPlay FM transmitter review

iPodlounge | Backstage"
XtremeMac quietly billed it as an “iTrip Killer,” and early demonstrations seemed to confirm that statement: the company’s new AirPlay FM transmitter ($39.99) was noticeably smaller, unquestionably easier to tune, and marginally more powerful than even the smallest of Griffin’s long-running series iPod attachments. Out of fairness, we hesitated to declare it a winner until we’d had an opportunity to really try it ourselves, but now that we have, we can say it: all things considered, AirPlay is the best FM transmitter currently available for the iPod. "

Hotspots Venezuela

URBALINK - Conectando a la Venzuela M�vilLugares con conexion inalambria en Caracas, Venezuela.

January 27, 2005

Apple Spotlight Patent Reveals 3-Year Head Start on Microsoft

TMO Scoop - Apple Spotlight Patent Reveals 3-Year Head Start on Microsoft || The Mac Observer: "A patent granted to Apple January 25th, 2005 appears to reveal that Apple had a multiyear head start on Microsoft for Spotlight, the company's search technology that will be released later this year in Tiger. Many had seen Spotlight as a quickly developed, me-too technology intended to compete with Microsoft's long-delayed Longhorn update to Windows, but the patent application shows that Apple began working on the technology in January of 2000, years before Longhorn was announced."

PowerPoint Goes to the Fair

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > PowerPoint Goes to the Fair: "Technology is rapidly changing the world of science, but it is only now starting to change the world of the science project, a ritual of the academic year. Now that computers are second nature to many students, some teachers are abandoning the traditional cardboard displays in favor of electronic files. Some are even creating PowerPoint templates to make it easier for students to produce a smart-looking showcase."

January 26, 2005

Conspiracy theory News | Conspiracy theory: "Almost half of all African-Americans believe that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is man-made, more than a quarter believe it was produced in a government laboratory and one in eight thinks it was created and spread by the CIA, according to a study released by the Rand Corporation and the University of Oregon. The paper's authors say these views are obstructing efforts to prevent the spread of HIV among African-Americans, the racial group most likely to contract the virus."

Juni's PocketPC Skins and Themes

Juni's PocketPC Skins and Themes The best skins for Pocket PC.

Matt Groening Apple Ad

Matt Groening Apple Ad: "Matt Groening Apple Ad

This is an ad for the Macintosh around 1989."

Jef Raskin Center for Humane Interface gets $2 million in start-up funding

Pacifica Tribune Online - Local News: "Jef Raskin's name is a little bit symbolic of his view of how computers and people should interact. There's no need for that second 'f' in his first name, now, is there? It's just a waste of space and time. Think of all those redundant letters.

Likewise, there are too many bells and whistles, too many keystrokes, too much going on when people use computers. In Jef Raskin's world, a world that will undoubtedly become everyone's world someday, computers should be designed based on the way people work and think, not the other way around."

How to Record a Podcast in Mac How to Record a Podcast: "I'd read Phillip Torrone's excellent guide to podcasting, which was one of the earliest articles after podcasting became a realistic possibility. It's already a classic.

But I differed from Phillip in not wanting to use as many pieces of software, later convert to MP3 after initial recording, and in rejecting GarageBand for speed and simplicity's sake. I wanted something simpler, but also more powerful."

January 25, 2005

So what are you reading these days?

So what are you reading these days?"Rojo Networks is one of the latest of a bevy of startups trying to help Web users make better sense of this content explosion. The year-and-a-half-old startup’s approach is to help users home in on the most relevant and interesting news and blogs by finding out what others in their online social networks are reading." - Your best source for torrents! - Your best source for torrents!: "orrentBox is a stable and reliable tracker that has been around now for over a year. To take advantage of bandwidth saving features such as UDP announces/scrapes, we recommend you use the newest Azureus Client or the XBT Client. "

Google Video Search

Google Video Search"Our mission is to organize the world's information, and that includes the thousands of programs that play on our TVs every day. Google Video enables you to search a growing archive of televised content – everything from sports to dinosaur documentaries to news shows."

January 24, 2005

Fifth Annual Weblog Awards

Fairvue Central >> Bloggies >> Fifth Annual Weblog Awards"The Bloggies™ are a set of 30 publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs. This is the fifth ceremony, with previous winners listed on their respective sites: 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. Everyone's invited to take part in the awarding process, so read below to find out how you can nominate and vote for your favorite blogs!"

Happy birthday Mac - original launch event footage available now

Macworld UK - Happy birthday Mac - original launch event footage available now: "A collective of German Mac fans have digitised the only surviving video tape of the launch of the original Macintosh on this day in January 1984.

The recording features all the often-told moments of the launch - from Jobs' bow tie to the moment he pulls the Mac from the bag, and the huge grin he casts at the assembled early church of Mac at the now-gone Flint Center in Cupertino. The video has never been seen online."

Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor

Slashdot | Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor: "There is nothing better than a Slashdot interview with someone who not only reads and understands Slashdot but can out-troll the trolls. Admittedly, the questions you asked Neal Stephenson were great in their own right, but his answers... Wow! let's just say that this guy shows how it's done."

Big review of Dell Axim X50v :: Article :: Big review of Dell Axim X50v"Dell sticks to tradition and offers three models in its latest Dell Axim X50 series, like in the previous X30 series. One of them steps out of the crowd by offering a luxury VGA display and it is the one we are going to talk about today. It is a very good device likely to attract many high-end Pocket PC users. It is not flawless, though… well, you will find further down in the review:) If you are curious what it looks like and what it can do, just go on to read this review..."

China Says Number of Internet Users Tops 94 Million

China Says Number of Internet Users Tops 94 Million: "At 7.2 percent of China's population of 1.3 billion, the number of Internet users is relatively small, but growing fast. Last year, the number of Internet users in China rose 18.2 percent, the state-run newspaper China Daily reported, citing the China Internet Network Information Center."

Untidy beds may keep us healthy

BBC NEWS | Health | Untidy beds may keep us healthy: "Failing to make your bed in the morning may actually help keep you healthy, scientists believe.

Research suggests that while an unmade bed may look scruffy it is also unappealing to house dust mites thought to cause asthma and other allergies."

VW Polo viral - the punchline kills.

VW Polo viral - the punchline kills. (uk) :: AdLand :: by the adgrunts for the adgrunts advertising blog commercial archive: "The punchline will kill you.

As predicted, this volatile viral has been flagged as a fake at this time. However, if previous and similar events are any indication, the story will morph before it runs its course."

Late-Night TV King Johnny Carson Mourned

Yahoo! News - Late-Night TV King Johnny Carson Mourned: "From the White House to Hollywood, the loss of Johnny Carson (news) is hitting home. The 30-year host of the 'Tonight Show' died yesterday at 79. NBC says Carson's death was the result of complications from emphysema. At the request of his family, there won't be a memorial service."

Information Networks Archive: Infographics

ChangeThis :: Information Networks Archive: Infographics: "7 beautiful, easy-to-understand, and jaw-dropping graphics by the Princeton INA. See a whole new perspective on our world.

Charts cover:
- Global Arms Trade
- Global Tobacco Trade
- U.S. Gov't Red Tape
- World Transportation
- Declining World Water Supply
- The Global Movie Business
- Multinational Corporations"

The Hughtrain

ChangeThis :: The Hughtrain: "You've read the Cluetrain, now HUGH MACLEOD brings you The Hughtrain. A manifesto on brands, blogs, and the now of advertising and marketing. Written and illustrated by one of our most popular authors ever."

aqLMA : live music archive

aqLMA : live music archive

Some info regarding Ubuntu Linux

hutuworm: Get Free Ubuntu CDs: "Ubuntu, a Zulu word representing a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity, gave the name to a new Debian-based Linux distribution, which very few people heard of as little as two weeks ago. Despite being a new kid on the block, Ubuntu has a potential to turn the Linux distribution world upside down and make rapid inroads into our minds, not to mention hard disks. The reason? Ubuntu Linux is the first distribution since LindowsOS that has serious capital behind it, a substantial financial backing from a wealthy open source advocate."

Firefox 1.0 Launch Day Story

mitchell's blog: Firefox 1.0 Launch Day: "Launch day here was quite a day, and I thought I would describe my view of it.

We knew it would be a long day, since the launch was schedule for 1am Monday night/ Tuesday morning. On Monday most of us started rolling into the office about 10am or so. A number of us had been online from home before, especially those of us in contact with the localization teams in Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, these teams were trying to stay awake long enough to get last minute messages through to the release coordinators in California so that the localized builds could be certified for inclusion in the 1.0 release."

Beagle Flash Demo

desktop demos: "Beagle Demos"

Beagle is an index based search for Linux (and someday Windows), that finds files in you computer.

Tomboy : Simple note taking

Tomboy : Simple note taking: "Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix. Simple and easy to use, but with potential to help you organize the ideas and information you deal with every day.

The key to Tomboy's usefulness lies in the ability to relate notes and ideas together. Using a WikiWiki-like linking system, organizing ideas is as simple as typing a name. Branching an idea off is easy as pressing the Link button. And links between your ideas won't break, even when renaming and reorganizing them."

January 23, 2005

Candy Labs - AppRocket

Candy Labs - AppRocket: "AppRocket is a very natural way of accessing all types of files and information on your computer. Just type a few letters of what you are looking for and AppRocket finds it. It's fast, beautiful, and easy-to-use."


Home - Entbloess: "Entbloess 2 is the Ultimate Window-Switcher for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Not only does it allow you to see previews of all your open applications via a single keystroke in a manner similar to Apple's Expos�, but it also supports live previews, window interaction, and smooth, elegant animations.


WinPLOSION - Exploded View of your open Windows

WinPLOSION - Exploded View of your open Windows"WinPLOSION allows you to immediately view and select from all the windows running on your computer, just those of the active application, or to minimise all windows and display a clear desktop."

January 22, 2005

AppRocket - Windows App Launcher

Candy Labs - AppRocket: "AppRocket is a very natural way of accessing all types of files and information on your computer. Just type a few letters of what you are looking for and AppRocket finds it. It's fast, beautiful, and easy-to-use."

Orbit | Cool Windows App

Orbit Home: "Orbit is a program similar to Apple's dock. But it's different. It is a program that instead of taking up space on screen, it stays hidden and only shows up whenever you call it. Orbit appears around the mouse showing shortcuts, folders, links to web sites, image thumbnais and all the other items that you have added to it. "

Best Freeware for Windows

Pricelessware - Contents: " The Pricelessware list is a compilation of software collected through a yearly vote by the participants of the 'alt.comp.freeware' newsgroup. It is a list of what people have voted as 'the best of the best in Freeware'."

Best Pocket PC Freeware

Best Tool for the Job: "The best Pocket PC Freeware (and non-free software where there's no good free alternative) available. I've sorted through dozens of programs, weeded out the buggy, useless software and this is what remains. If you've just purchased a Pocket PC, this list could save you hours."

January 21, 2005

Feed - YARSS program - Feed: "There are a lot of RSS readers for Mac OS X out there, and Apple is even planning on adding RSS capabilities directly to Safari in Tiger (10.4) - so why did I write this? Because all of the existing (Free) RSS readers are approaching the problem from the wrong side.

I treat my RSS feeds more like email than anything else, and the current crop of RSS reader is more a hybrid between iTunes and a web browser. I wrote Feed to address this issue."


TaskTracer :: Summary" TaskTracer is a software system being designed at EECS Department of Oregon State University to help highly multitasking knowledge workers rapidly locate, discover, and reuse past processes they used to successfully complete tasks. The system monitors users’ interaction with a computer, collects detailed records of user activity and resources accessed, associates (automatically or with users’ assistance) each interaction event with a particular task, enables users to access records of past activities and quickly restore task contexts."

You can read an article here.

A Drink A Day Reduces Cognitive Decline In Old Age

FuturePundit: A Drink A Day Reduces Cognitive Decline In Old Age: "Harvard researchers have found in the on-going Nurses' Health Study that elderly women who drink one alcoholic beverage a day experience less cognitive decline than otherwise similar women who do not have a daily drink."

What You'll Wish You'd Known

What You'll Wish You'd Known: "(I wrote this talk for a high school. I never actually gave it, because the school authorities vetoed the plan to invite me.)

When I said I was speaking at a high school, my friends were curious. What will you say to high school students? So I asked them, what do you wish someone had told you in high school? Their answers were remarkably similar. So I'm going to tell you what we all wish someone had told us.

I'll start by telling you something you don't have to know in high school: what you want to do with your life. People are always asking you this, so you think you're supposed to have an answer. But adults ask this mainly as a conversation starter. They want to know what sort of person you are, and this question is just to get you talking. They ask it the way you might poke a hermit crab in a tide pool, to see what it does."

January 20, 2005

About podSites - "A podSite is our name for a collection of text files, with links to other text files, and possibly sound files and image files stored, and accessible on an iPod.

Think of it as a website for your iPod. Or a slice of the web, in your pocket. podSites are much easier to create than web pages, you don't need any special tools, and you can learn the skills to create a podSite in less than half an hour."

World Bank President - shining a spotlight on the selection of the tenth president

World Bank President - shining a spotlight on the selection of the tenth president: "Well, not this World Bank President - James Wolfensohn – who will retire at the end of May 2005. But the next one - the tenth man or first woman to hold the post.

If normal protocol is followed, the new President will be chosen by George W. Bush as part of a wave of appointments for his second term in office.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll shine a spotlight on the intrigues surrounding the selection process and examine the likely candidates and their track records.

January 19, 2005

Ta-da List: Simple sharable to-do list

Ta-da List: Simple sharable to-do lists. To-do list, todo list, task manager, task list, todo task, easy list, simple todo, free todo list manager.: "Ta-da List makes list making and tracking easy. And, since it's web-based, you can make a list at work and still get to it at home or anywhere else you have a computer or internet access (even on a mobile phone)."

January 18, 2005

Google Releases Picasa 2

Picasa: Photo management software, free from Google. Find, edit, share photos.

Seems like a great update.

MiNews - new RSS reader for Mac

JS8 Media Inc. - MiNews Product Page: "With MiNews, you will have your favorite news at your fingertips, providing a tightly-integrated application with Safari that work hand in glove. Scan all the latest news, information and articles from thousands of web sites in one simple-to-read window. You will get the scoop in no time and go on to the next news item as if this was the way you always read the news"

A Sneak Peek at GNOME 2.10

A Sneak Peek at GNOME 2.10: "GNOME 2.10 is going to be the latest and greatest thing from the GNOME Desktop Project this March 9th. Here is a sneak peek of some of the things that are currently in the GNOME 2.9 development snapshot."

January 17, 2005

Will Life Be Worth Living In 2,000AD?

Will Life Be Worth Living In 2,000AD?: "July 22, 1961, Weekend Magazine

What sort of life will you be living 39 years from now? Scientists have looked into the future and they can tell you.

It looks as if everything will be so easy that people will probably die from sheer boredom.

You will be whisked around in monorail vehicles at 200 miles an hour and you will think nothing of taking a fortnight's holiday in outer space.

Your house will probably have air walls, and a floating roof, adjustable to the angle of the sun."

The articles continues.

Apple's Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses

Apple's Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses: "The Sweet Spot. Until January 2005, Apple had no iPod or PC products that served the mass market. With the launch of iPod Shuffle and Mac mini they have finally converged two product paths with the mass market in mind. This will not only drive more iPod sales (via the Shuffle), but also fulfill the promised 'halo' effect of the iPod products as PC users jump to the Mac mini. Over the course of 2005, Apple will continue to dominate and grow its MP3 player market share, while steadily growing its PC business through the Mac mini. As with the original iPod, the Mac mini could build slow, but serious momentum in the market place. Within a one to two year timeframe, the Mac mini could bring Apple to a tipping point in which a combination of factors create strong double digit market share in the mass-PC market, as Windows-based PC's continue to suffer from viruses and adware and users are drawn to the elegant and affordable simplicity of the Mac mini."

January 14, 2005


Invisibilia: "Hello, strangers of the internet. This page is a gallery of pictures. The pictures are simple enough: the people in the photos have been digitally removed and replaced with drawings. Yeah, I know... anyone can trace a drawing. But so what? I am doing it, and you're not. You're sitting at home doing nothing."

CC Mixter - The remix family tree

CC Mixter - The remix family tree: "This is a community music sharing site featuring songs licensed under Creative Commons, where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want. To get this project started, we've dedicated the space to WIRED Magazine's November 2004 Issue, which featured 16 songs on THE WIRED CD -- Rip. Mix. Sample. Mash. Share., all licensed under the Sampling Licenses. If you're into music, browse this site to hear the original WIRED tracks, or, the new songs that people have built from sampling them. If you're into sampling and mash-ups we have the full tracks and loops in a ready to mix format, and you can upload your version back into CC Mixter, for others to enjoy. You can also upload and remix your own creations here, apart from the WIRED contest currently underway."

Jpluck Succesor

: "Opusculus, or 'little work; small book' in Latin, is a project aimed at creating a Java-based parser and distiller component to transform web content in HTML, RSS, and 'Feed' format to a format suitable for reading with Plucker on a PalmOS handheld device."

January 13, 2005

PodType 1.0 - MacUpdate

PodType 1.0 - MacUpdate
"Wirus podType is simply a collection of files titled by all the letters of the alphabet, all the numbers, and special characters. In order not to effect shuffle, the ‘songs’ are silent and less than a second long. In order not to mess up any order, they are prefixed by a special character putting all podType characters and albums at the bottom."

January 12, 2005

The GNOME Journal

The GNOME Journal: "So you're wondering what this GNOME Journal thing is all about? Put simply, GNOME Journal is an online magazine devoted to everything surrounding the GNOME Desktop. This would include the software, people, development, news, etc. surrounding anything related to GNOME.

There is a lack of well written material surrounding GNOME and the opinions of the community. GNOME Journal as a project aims to become that central place where users (and even critics) of GNOME can come to read about and think about GNOME. If you'd like to help out, feel free to contribute."

It seems to have some interesting articles.

Netcraft: Apple Store, MacWorld Expo Sites Slowed by Heavy Traffic

Netcraft: Apple Store, MacWorld Expo Sites Slowed by Heavy Traffic: "The Apple web site, which runs on Mac OS X, experienced some slowdowns but was largely available. Apple's online store (also on Mac OS X) struggled, however, experiencing outages and lengthy response times. Faring even worse was the official site for MacWorld Expo, which runs on Windows Server 2003, and was offline for hours following the show's keynote address by Apple CEO Steve Jobs."

January 11, 2005

Apple - Mac mini | This Changes a lot of things

Apple - Mac mini"Live the digital life in stylish simplicity. Just 6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall, Mac mini provides what you need to have more fun with your music, photos and movies — right out of the box. And it boasts a miniscule price to match: Mac mini starts at $499."

Is BitTorrent Dead?

monkey methods research group: "After the recent shutdowns in the BitTorrent community, notably the popular site, many were left wondering if BitTorrent was on its last legs. You can read some of the coverage here . Since this happened, many people are asking: How big of a blow are these shutdowns? Is BitTorrent dead or dying?

Well, we had the same questions too, and decided we wanted to understand the distribution of torrent files on the Internet. Using this information, we can examine issues such as centralization and other important factors."

I know, to much BitTorrent already!, but I can't begin to explain how this is going to change media distribution on the net.

Btw, the guy who wrote the article has a torrent search engine.

Kenosis | the base for the P2P BitTorrent tracker? Project Reviews - Kenosis and the World Free Web: "To demonstrate Kenosis's suitability for these new applications, we have used it to improve upon another peer-to-peer filesharing application that Just Works: BitTorrent. BitTorrent does one thing incredibly well. Using a centralized 'tracker', BitTorrent manages efficient distribution of data that is in high demand. We have extended BitTorrent, using Kenosis, to eliminate this dependence on a centralized tracker.

Our modified BitTorrent software is 100% backwards-compatible with existing BitTorrent clients via a DNS-based Kenosis bridge. People currently running BitTorrent trackers can safely upgrade to a Kenosis-enabled tracker, taking advantage of the built-in failover that Kenosis provides, without fear of breaking compatibility with any existing clients. Since the Kenosis-DNS bridge represents a potential central point of failure, those running BitTorrent clients may wish to upgrade to a Kenosis-enabled client. A complete fork of the latest BitTorrent codebase that includes a Kenosis-enabled tracker and client is available as part of the Kenosis distribution."

IBM Opens Their Patent Portfolio to Open Source

IBM Opens Their Patent Portfolio to Open Source | SourceLicense: "IBM announced that over 500 of their currently held software patents will be made freely available to use for those who are working on open source projects.

This is quite a shift for IBM, who are well known for enforcing their patent and copyright portfolio. It apparently generated 1 billion in revenue last year.

These 500 patents(PDF) are only small slice of IBM's 40,000 patents worldwide. The selected patents cover technology for e-commerce, image processing, data handling and storage, as well as and Internet communications.

IBM said that they hope that this initial contribution will help spawn more companies into allowing patents to be used freely in open source projects, creating a 'patent commons'."

January 10, 2005

Great Bittorrent and P2P in General commentary

Napsterization: "BitTorrent is a computer protocol (a language computers use when communicating with each other) which allows computers to freely and efficiently share information with one another. This free-for-all of sharing is often called peer-to-peer or P2P, and it has become one of the most popular activities on the Internet."

Introducing the Hipster PDA

43 Folders: Introducing the Hipster PDA"The Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid) is a fully extensible system for coordinating incoming and outgoing data for any aspect of your life and work. It scales brilliantly, degrades gracefully, supports optional categories and “beaming,” and is configurable to an unlimited number of options. Best of all, the Hipster PDA fits into your hip pocket and costs practically nothing to purchase and maintain. Let’s make one together."

Stefan Mart - Homage to an Unknown Artist

TITLE PAGE Stefan Mart - Homage to an Unknown Artist: "Stefan Mart was the narrator and illustrator of the picture book Tales of the Nations, published in Hamburg in 1933 by the 'Cigarettenbilderdienst Hamburg-Bahrenfeld' ('Cigarette Picture Service').

Tales of the Nations is the work of a narrator and illustrator who never made a second public appearance, neither as an artist nor as a writer, at least not under the name Stefan Mart. Searching in libraries, browsing through reference books and old exhibition catalogues brings nothing to light. The name Stefan Mart does not occur anywhere except in lists of old books compiled by meticulous antiquarians. And even here it is never associated with any other work except the one volume published in Hamburg in 1933."

Going Deeper into TiVo's announcements

Reporting from CES: Going Deeper into TiVo's announcements | PVRblog: "For the past couple weeks, I've been brainstorming a big list of ideas to turn TiVo around which I hoped to publish before CES, but I'm happy to say that almost all the big ideas I could think of were hit on by this week's set of announcements. I'll go through each new piece of TiVo tech I played with and mention all the answers I got to my questions, and what it means for TiVo customers."

Robert Heilbroner has passed aways / World / US - Inspiration to generations of economists: "Robert Heilbroner, author of Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers and among the most influential economic historians of the 20th century, has died in New York. He was 85."

January 08, 2005

'iHome' pictures and video

'iHome' pictures and video: "'iHome' pictures and video" Most likely a fake, but very well one.

The Portable Cellular Phone Boot

[object HTMLImageElement]"The Portable Cellular Phone Booth provides a visual image of social sacrifices and opportunities to interact with one another lost due to our own self -involvement. The sculpture is a retractable phone booth that is carried on your back and can slide up and over your head to completely isolate you from society, kind of like the way a cell phone does. The action is fast and slick just like the flip action of a cell phone.

Historically the iconic phone booth represented a place where one could go to be alone for a private conversation, transform into superman or travel through time. Today, it's obsolete in most cities. With the Portable Cellular Phone Booth, one can transform from a member of society to one that is closed off. "

January 07, 2005

Fangs: The Firefox Screen Reader Emulator Extension

Fangs: The Firefox Screen Reader Emulator Extension - Standards-schmandards: "Fangs creates a textual representation of a web page similar to how the page would be read by one of the modern body-part named screen readers."

iPod accessories at CES

Playlist: CES = iAS?: "Whether it was accessories specifically designed for iPods, headphones and speakers being demoed from iPods, iPod adapters for car stereos, or walls of iPod cables and cords, the iPod platform was a force. With this in mind, we kept our eyes out for cool new iPod accessories and gadgets. Here are some of the best."

Demo of Avalon 3D

Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D: "Really cool stuff. Originally designed to only run on the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, Avalon is now supported on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. In fact, the demo here is done on XP."

Einstein Project - NewtonOS Emulator

Kallisys | Newton | Einstein Project: "Einstein Emulator DP2 is a developer preview (hence the name). Please do not ask for support and let me work on improving the program instead.

You need: MacOS X, Apple X11, a monitor with millions of colors, a MP2x00 Newton, a way to extract the ROM of your Newton."

'L.A. Times' Drops Daily 'Garfield' as the Comic Is Blasted and Praised

'L.A. Times' Drops Daily 'Garfield' as the Comic Is Blasted and Praised: "'Garfield' has received mixed reviews in recent years, but the Times is one of the few papers to ever dare pull it. Reader reaction? 'We are getting complaints,' said Jennifer James, a Times editorial aide, but she declined to reveal how many.

The Times dropped the daily 'Garfield' effective two days ago -- while keeping the Sunday 'Garfield' -- to make room for 'Brevity,' a new comic by Guy Endore-Kaiser and Rodd Perry of United Media (E&P Online, Dec. 9). "

Motorola Previews iTunes Phone

Motorola Previews iTunes Phone: "Speaking during a keynote at the International Consumer Electronics Show here, the executive demonstrated the phone, which in many ways mimics the iPod. It syncs with a computer and the iTunes Music Store like an iPod does, and incorporates the iPod interface for navigating and playing digital music, said Ron Garriques, a Motorola executive vice president."

January 06, 2005

"What Do You Believe Is True Even Though You Cannot Prove It?"


Great minds can sometimes guess the truth before they have either the evidence or arguments for it (Diderot called it having the 'esprit de divination'). What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

The 2005 Edge Question has generated many eye-opening responses from a "who's who" of third culture scientists and science-minded thinkers. The 120 contributions comprise a document of 60,000 words."

Easy diets work best�-�Easy diets work best: "If you want to lose weight, stop worrying about which diet is most effective and simply pick whatever programme you find easiest to follow."

Bill Gates touts 'digital lifestyle,' despite technical bugs

Bill Gates touts 'digital lifestyle,' despite technical bugs: "But while promoting what he calls the 'digital lifestyle,' Gates showed how vulnerable all consumers -- even the world's richest man -- are to hardware and software bugs.

During a demonstration of digital photography with a soon-to-be-released Nikon camera, a Windows Media Center PC froze and wouldn't respond to Gates' pushing of the remote control.

Later in the 90-minute presentation, a product manager demonstrated the ostensible user-friendliness of a video game expected to hit retail stores in April, Forza Motor Sport. But instead of configuring a custom-designed race car, the computer monitor displayed the dreaded 'blue screen of death' and warned, 'out of system memory.'"

January 05, 2005

A Matrix & Ghost in the Shell comparison

A Matrix & Ghost in the Shell comparison: "Ok so youve seen the both the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell, and you note there are some similarities. But how similar are they? Well with this page ill attempt show them scene by scene. Some similarities are more striking than others, so i will have a Conspiracy Rating for each comparison topic, from 1 to 10."

The New Yorker on MashUps

The New Yorker: The Critics: Musical Events: "The new math of mashups."

Transfer Files between Macs Project Schick Page: "I wanted a simple and fast way to exchange small files, like Word-Documents, Pictures, URLs, etc."

Make MultiSession CD's in Mac easily

toolsonten: "
BurnItAgainSam lets you add files to your CDR multiple times easily. Instead of showing a CDR icon for each session, the CDR burnt using burnItAgainSam shows all the files ever burnt together, as if you had burnt them at once. The format of the CDR is also windows compatible. Plus: BurnItAgainSam lets you change the name of your CDR at each burn."

Gambas Almost Means Basic

Gambas - Gambas Almost Means Basic" What is that new animal ? Well, Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, like Visual Basic™ (but it is NOT a clone !).

With Gambas, you can quickly design your program GUI, access MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, pilot KDE applications with DCOP, translate your program into many languages, create network applications easily, and so on..."

The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac was Made --An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac was Made -- An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld: "During his years in Cupertino, Andy worked closely with, and befriended many Apple employees who are now legends in personal computing history. But it's not easy to write a book about those who had confided so freely with you as a coworker, not a historian. As a result, only recently has Andy felt comfortable telling the stories that shaped many of our lives. "

Five new programs that let you search your hard drive without having a seizure.

Keeper Finders - Five new programs that let you search your hard drive without having a seizure. By Paul Boutin: "Desktop search applications work a lot like the search function that's already built into the Windows Start Menu, but they're much quicker. They're also smarter about sifting through your e-mail, music files, browser history, and other special data formats. You probably won't find all the Steely Dan songs in your iTunes library or every PDF with the phrase 'owner's manual' using the Windows search. If you use the right desktop search application, it's a snap."

January 04, 2005

Pre & Post Tsunami Satellite Pictures "These photographs were captured by a range of Earth-observation satellites including IKONOS, SPOT 2, SPOT 5 and RADARSAT, and by the Indian National Remote Sensing Agency. The pairs of images show devastated regions before and after the tsunami. "

Dowser | research tool helper

Dowser: "Dowser is a research tool for the web. It clusters results from major search engines, associates words that appear in previous searches, and keeps a local cache of all the results you click on in a searchable database. It helps you keep track of what you find on the web."

MyPal A730W Pocket PC

MyPal A730W Pocket PC: "It's time to leave behind your notebook, digital camera, MP3 player and voice recordera The ASUS MyPal A730W is one device to replace all. A professional yet stylish design and various entertainment features make this all-new Pocket PC the ideal companion for all situations.
Damn, the gadget replacement bug has bitten me again. Here are some reviews:
- PocketpcThoughts
- Pdabuyersguide
- Bargainpda

January 03, 2005

Videora - BitTorrent RSS Reader

Videora - BitTorrent RSS Reader: "Videora 1.0 is the first version of our new personal video downloading program. Utilizing BitTorrent peer to peer technology and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, Videora automatically and intelligently finds and downloads video you want to watch. With easy to use features like Wish Lists and Season Passes you will be able to watch your favorite video, no matter where you are in the world. All you need to get started is a broadband internet connection and Windows.

Resources for Learning and Teaching Game Theory for Business and Life

Game Theory .net - Resources for Learning and Teaching Strategy for Business and Life: "A resource for educators and students of game theory."

Intelligent Girls less likely to get married

Times Online - Sunday Times: "For boys, there is a 35% increase in the likelihood of marriage for each 16-point rise in IQ. For girls, there is a 40% drop for each 16-point increase."

TiVoToGo | TiVo Desktop: " TiVo Desktop is an easy-to-use application that lets you publish and share digital music, photos and TiVo recordings between your networked TiVo Series2 DVR and your computer. Digital Music & Photos and the TiVoToGo feature come included with your regular paid subscription to the TiVo service."