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February 02, 2005

Apple's UI department going insane?

ThinkMac Blog: Apple's UI department going insane?: "Apple has long been known for devising and popularising good solid computer user interfaces. However there has been an increasing, and worrying trend for Apple to throw conventional UI wisdom out the window to apparently either meet the whims of Steve Jobs or the marketing department. The spread of the brushed metal look like a plague across every flagship Mac application is one example of this. Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, for a long time seen as the bible of user interface design, kept contorting and twisting trying to add new reasons as to why brushed metal should be used rather than the standard aqua look. First it was anything that interacted with a digital lifestyle device (in other words excusing all iLife apps), then it was anything with a 'source list', excusing the Finder. At this point it's basically a free-for-all, visual consistency be damned."


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