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March 10, 2005

Mind Hacks book Interview

CBC Radio | Quirks & Quarks | Past Shows: "
At last, what we've always needed, a user's manual for the brain. Dr. Tom Stafford, a postdoctoral research assistant and lecturer in the department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield, and his colleague Matt Webb have collected 100 different experiments you can try at home to uncover the mysteries and peculiarities of your brain. The manual is called Mind Hacks: Tips and Tools for Using Your Brain. It's an attempt to catalogue some of the tricks or 'hacks' that our brains have developed to help us perceive a complex world, and to control our bodies. The hacks include such surprising phenomena as the fact that we go blind every time we move our eyes, that what we're seeing affects what we're hearing, and that we can get stronger by just thinking about it. Have a look at the Mind Hacks web site (below) for many examples of the demonstrations in the book."


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