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March 14, 2005

plaintextpaste Mac software

pozytron: plaintextpaste: "PlaintextPaste is a simple SparkPlugin that adds a 'Paste Plain Text' item to the Edit menu of all Cocoa applications. Normally the Paste menu item will preserve all colors, styles, fonts and formatting of so-called 'rich text.' However, sometimes, you don't want all this formatting, especially when copying text from the web. Thus, 'Paste Plain Text.' PlaintextPaste 0.2 also introduces three new items: Copy Plain Text, Paste 7-bit ASCII, and Swap Selection With Clipboard, as well as enabling the Special Characters item again (when an InputManager, including SparkPlug or SIMBL is installed, this item is removed). You can control which items are enabled or disable with the SparkPlug pane in System Preferences."


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