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April 20, 2005

trackerbt - a distributed bittorrent tracker

trackerbt - a distributed bittorrent tracker: "BitTorrent is a highly successful distributed file transfer protocol. Some would like to call it a peer-to-peer network, but BitTorrent in itself lacks much of the functionality one would wish of a peer-to-peer network. There is no way to search for content with BitTorrent; search is a big part of other peer-to-peer protocols.

One crucial component of the BitTorrent structure is the tracker. This is a small program which is hosted by someone who wants to share a file using BitTorrent. Anyone that wants to download that file needs to connect to the tracker to receive a list of other peers already participating in the download of the file. The tracker is a standalone program. If the tracker goes offline, new peers will not be able to join the download. This makes the tracker the weak link of the BitTorrent solution."


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