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April 20, 2005

What is PalmOne Celebrating Exactly?

Russell Beattie Notebook - What is PalmOne Celebrating Exactly?: "It's official: Palm (One/Source) is completely irrelevant in the mobile market.

I'm a little uptight about this because even after years of beating this drum, I sat in a room with a few dozen Silicon Valley entrepeneurs a few days ago getting hammered on because half of them had Treos. 'Wonderful!' I said, 'It's still not a market.' I tried citing statistics, I tried reasoning, berating, and I tried mocking but I could tell I wasn't getting the message through. It was empirically obvious, most of the people in the room had a Treo, so it must be a really popular platform, right? Wrong. If you've got a Treo you might be a cutting edge technologist, but you're in the backwater of mobility. Trust me. (Actually, don't trust me, just look at the frigin' numbers.)"


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