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May 23, 2005

The People Own Ideas!

The People Own Ideas!: "This restoration of control operates under the name 'digital rights management' (DRM). DRM, and the myriad of supporting changes in technology that it will demand (for example, the addition of dedicated 'trusted computing' chips to new computers), will build back into the architecture of the digital world the control that the original architecture of the digital world disabled. Nor will it stop there: copyright owners want more. Current DRM proposals reach far beyond the balance of proprietary and free culture in the analog world. If enacted, they would enable a copyright holder (or software creator) to, for example, dictate how many times you can read the e-book you've 'bought,' or how many times you can move it from one machine to another. Whatever uses you can imagine for a digital device, imagine DRM controlling them. That's the potential of this technology--a potential that reaches far beyond the limits of predigital copyright regulation."


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