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June 30, 2005

Review of palmOne LifeDrive mobile manager

SPUG Forums - Review of palmOne LifeDrive mobile manager: "
With clean lines, round corners and a solid build, Palm’s newest release, the LifeDrive mobile manager, is a hefty but sleek handheld. The first from a new category of “Mobile Managers”, it is also the first locally available handheld with a 4Gb Microdrive, Wifi and Bluetooth built-in. Running on a 416MHz Intel XScale processor powered by the tried and tested Palm OS5 Garnet, the LifeDrive is definitely a workhorse."

June 29, 2005

Interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs

ABC News: Interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs: "Well, you know, podcasting— has been free since the beginning. It's been an emerging phenomenon that— has been, you know, growing very rapidly. But we're hoping to take it mainstream with— the latest version of iTunes, which has everything you need to podcast built right in it. So— podcasts I think they're gonna remain free. Although I do think we may— start to see some advertising tagged onto them— you know, in the coming months."

Flickr Badge Maker

Badge Maker: "Make your own (unofficial) flickr badge. Print it out, laminate it, wear flickr with pride!
Show the world how truly photographically geeky you really are! "

BitTorrent and Grokster: How Much Intent Does it Take?

BitTorrent and Grokster: How Much Intent Does it Take?: Corante > The Importance of... >: "Following the Grokster decision there has been a lot of speculation about whether BitTorrent would be liable under the court's enunciated active inducement standard. Many think that BitTorrent is safe, in particular due to the lack of evidence of illicit intent. But what if there is evidence of illicit intent? A statement from Cohen in 2001 might be that evidence."

June 28, 2005

Google Earth Launched

Google Earth - Home: "Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more."

Yahoo overhauls free Web e-mail service

Yahoo overhauls free Web e-mail service | Tech News on ZDNet: "The service will feature e-mail caching to shorten response time, message preview and drag-and-drop filing, the company said. A limited number of customers will be able to participate in the beta test of the new service in coming weeks, with general availability to follow in coming months, said Ethan Diamond, product director for Yahoo e-mail."

Yummy! Personal PDF Library

Yummy! Personal PDF Library: "Social PDF Linking"

"New" iPods, now al 4G include color screens

Apple - iPod: "Welcome to the best of both worlds. Now that iPod and iPod photo are one and the same, every white iPod boasts a full-color display — ideal for viewing album artwork and playing slideshows — starting at only $299. Choose from 20GB or 60GB models and carry up to 15,000 songs or as many as 25,000 photos in your pocket. For Mac or PC."

iTunes 4.9 with podcast support released

Apple - iTunes - Jukebox: "Now you can easily find and subscribe to free podcasts — radio shows and audio programs delivered over the Internet to your computer — from one of the largest directories on the web: the iTunes Podcast Directory. Featuring podcasts from big names — ABC News, Adam Curry, ESPN, KCRW and more — and iPodcast icon independent voices alike, the Podcast Directory puts thousands of podcasts all in one place. Once you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes automatically checks for updates and downloads new episodes to your computer. When you sync your iPod, your podcasts come along for the ride. You get on-demand radio, delivered automatically."

June 27, 2005

Supreme Court Strikes a Blow against P2P Sharing

Supreme Court Strikes a Blow against P2P Sharing - Popular Science: "The justices ruled against P2P companies Grokster and Streamcast because they believed that the companies intended for their users to infringe copyright with their service. The key line from the decision: “One who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement . . . is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties.” But the judges don’t specify what those steps might be. In other words, if it can be shown that a company “took any affirmative steps” to aid copyright infringement, it can be held liable. What legally constitutes an affirmative step? The court doesn’t say."

review -Mike Cane on the Nokia 770

jkOnTheRun: jkOnTheRun guest review -Mike Cane on the Nokia 770: "This device is based on Debian Linux, a desktop version of Linux. This means, among other things, that developers will have to do less work to port existing Linux applications. Linux on small devices have usually been customizations with fewer features than what Nokia is offering. Nokia has set up a site at Maemo to assist developers in creating and porting programs to the 770."

June 23, 2005

Upgrade your iPod: Isolating In-Ear Earphones--Review

Upgrade your iPod: Isolating In-Ear Earphones--Review by ExtremeTech: "If you use your music player a lot, it's worth the investment to replace those horrible headphones with something a little more upscale. You can get everything from big 'ol studio monitor cans to stylish behind-the-neck headphones, but those tend to take up a lot of room in your gadget bag. The best sound-per-dollar value is in sound isolating in-ear earphones, which are made to slip into your ear canal and reduce interference from external sources. They can deliver some truly remarkable sound and fit into a pouch that's probably no bigger than the music player you're pairing them with." - web 2.0 javascript - web 2.0 javascript: "The Web is changing. The 30-year-old terminal-like technology it was originally is gradually giving way to new ways of doing things. The power of AJAX allows for rich user interaction without the trouble that has bugged traditional web applications. Building upon the wonderful Prototype JavaScript library, provides you with some great additional ingredients to mix in."

June 22, 2005

CodeWeavers will create Mac Intel product

CodeWeavers - Press Releases: "CodeWeavers, Inc., the leading Windows-to-Linux software developer, today announced a major expansion of its software porting capabilities to include support for Windows-to-Macintosh application porting. The new capabilities, made possible by Apple's eventual move to Intel x86 chips, promises to significantly reduce the time and cost of developing Mac versions of Windows software, opening new possibilities for mid-tier Windows software companies."

Interview: Odeo founder, Evan Williams

Playlist: Interview: Odeo founder, Evan Williams: "Williams’ newest venture is called Odeo, a one-stop shop to help people record, edit, publish, find, subscribe, categorize, and download podcasts. Like Blogger, it has an intuitive, friendly interface, and will allow users to publish from the Web. But while Blogger seemingly came out of nowhere, Odeo is the buzz du jour before it’s even out of private beta. To find out what all the fuss is about, Playlist sat down with Williams at this week’s Supernova conference in San Francisco for a chat and Odeo demonstration."

Odeo Launches!

Odeo Launches!: "We did it. We have started going through and sending out invitations to the over 11,000 people who've asked for odeo accounts. People started signing up for accounts right away.

Once we're happy with performance, we'll send keep sending out more than the first 600."

June 21, 2005

Adopt A Chinese Blog

WikiHome: "It is based on the belief of free speech that we started the Adopt a Chinese blog project. We hope that we and others on the internet who shared the same belief, can share resources and help bloggers who want to freely express themselves and find a safer space for blogging, so that they can continue to blog without retribution."

June 20, 2005

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town: "On this page, you will find downloadable full-text versions of my book in open formats that contain no DRM (a stupid, scientifically bankrupt technology that seeks to restrict how you use and copy digital files after acquiring them). They are licensed under terms set out by Creative Commons, terms that allow you to undertake unlimited noncommercial distribution of the book. Share this book! That's what it's for. In the words of Woody Guthrie, 'Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that's all we wanted to do.'"

The Sharing Economy

Online Extra: The Sharing Economy: "As a professor at Yale Law School, Yochai Benkler doesn't seem like a prime candidate to rewrite the field of economics. But in a couple of papers, most recently 'Sharing Nicely: On Shareable Goods and the Emergence of Sharing as a Modality of Economic Production,' he suggests that the Internet and cheap computers are spurring a new method of producing economic value besides the market and the traditional company. He calls it commons-based peer production. "

Alcoholix: Social Drinking

Alcoholix: "Welcome to the new way to get drunker, quicker, by leveraging the powers of your social network. Find new news, events, gossip and the buzz, as well as new friends."

June 19, 2005

Star Trek: Apple's First Mac OS on Intel Project

Star Trek: Apple's First Mac OS on Intel Project: "The first Apple proposal to move the Macintosh to Intel hardware did not begin with Mac OS X. It began in 1985, shortly after Steve Jobs' departure from Apple. The project was quickly nixed by Apple's management, but it would be revived several years later in a joint effort by Novell and Apple to port the Mac OS to the x86 processor.


June 17, 2005

Interview: Joseph Cheek on the acquisition of Lycoris

GUILinux - GUI Linux, your Linux Desktop news source: "With news of the recent Lycoris acquisition by Mandriva, it would seem that the Linux desktop landscape is in for yet another change. Lycoris, considered to be one of the most innovative and easy to use desktops at one time, has recently lost market share due to a botched release and their inability to keep up with the fast changes in Linux technology. Mandriva, one of the most popular Linux desktops, seems to have suffered from lack of innovation in the past, along with ease of use issues. If there ever were an acquisition/merger that made good sense to Linux Desktop users, this is it."

Confusion Video

TOXIC DESIGN STUDIOYou have to see this video. Kinda of Safe For Work

June 15, 2005

Sneak Preview: Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet

"While prototypes of the 770 have been scarce, I got my hands on one this week at a conference in Helsinki sponsored by Nokia. My brief test spin confirmed the intriguing potential of the 770 as a "leisure device," to use Nokia's term. I also discovered, however, that the device needs more work before it can succeed."

Lucas vs. Spielberg - The worst best friends in Hollywood.

Lucas vs. Spielberg - The worst best friends in Hollywood. By Tom Shone: "Rivalry may not be quite the right word for the relationship that exists between Lucas and Spielberg. What they have is far more subtle: something more like the impacted, covert, passive-aggressive version of rivalry practiced by siblings—wherein any hint of hostility is buried in a bear hug and conflict covered with a smile. Theirs is a battle fought out in box-office millions and backhanded compliments, blockbusters, and casual slights. 'He's taught me a lot about creative compromise,' Spielberg once said of Lucas, with a straight face."

Streaming MP3 Jukebox AJAX Web Application

mp3act - Streaming MP3 Jukebox AJAX Web Application: "The mp3act digital music system is designed to be a central location for your digital music collection and a means to easily organize and listen to your digital media through your stereo, over a local network, or anywhere in the world. "

Mandriva announces acquisition of main Lycoris assets

Lycoris :: Familiar. Powerful. Fun.: "June 15th 2005 - Mandriva, formerly known as Mandrakesoft, the publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux distribution, today announced an agreement to purchase several assets from Lycoris, a major North American Linux distribution for home users. As part of this agreement, Lycoris' founder and CEO Joseph Cheek is joining Mandriva to develop a new and advanced Linux desktop product."

Is Linux finally comming to the real worl desktop?.

Nemester: The new way to make enemies

Nemester: "Nemester is an online community that connects paranoids, egotists, villains, and monomaniacs through networks of competing agendas and incompatable ideologies for bitter conflicts, mutual loathing, or to find their one, true nemesis."

iTunes 4.9 downloading podcasts now...

MAKE: Blog: iTunes 4.9 downloading podcasts now...: "The next version of iTunes, 4.9 is out grabbing podcasts from site around the web, likely from testers at Apple. Logs are showing a new user agents 'Agent: iTunes/4.9 (Macintosh; N; PPC)' and then the podcasts are being downloaded. This is really good news, it means we're getting close to seeing it go live soon."

Text of Commencement address by Steve Jobs

Text of Commencement address by Steve Jobs: "This is the prepared text of the address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, who spoke at Commencement on June 12, 2005."

June 14, 2005

casting the net wider casting the net wider: "Bookmarked items in that end in one of a number of filetypes will now automatically get some system tags added. You can use these just like normal tags. RSS feeds that have one of those system tags added will automatically become a rss-with-enclosures file."

Bob Parsons on his 16 rules for survival » Blog Archive » Bob Parsons on his 16 rules for survival: "There is a weblog entry which really worth to mention. Bob Parsons, CEO of, shared his life and his 16 rules that he used for his survival. Go Daddy is well known domain name registration company. Those rules are extremely good advices if you are going to start a business."

Live, Jobs Tells Stanford Grads

Wired News: Live, Jobs Tells Stanford Grads: "teve Jobs told Stanford University graduates Sunday that dropping out of college was one of the best decisions he ever made because it forced him to be innovative -- even when it came to finding enough money for dinner."

cardboard folding chair

excerpts from designboom's folding chairs competition, judged in summer 2003.
folding/unfolding designs / turn cardboard into a seat,
cutouts, folded, lifesize standups and becoming flat again."


The New Yorker: PRINTABLES: "As a vice-president at Wonton Food, Inc., in Long Island City, Donald Lau manages the company’s accounts payable and receivable, negotiates with insurers, and, somewhat incidentally, composes the fortunes that go inside the fortune cookies, of which Wonton is the world’s largest manufacturer. "

Trabajar como autónomo for fun and profit

Earful - Trabajar como autónomo for fun and profit: "Le he contestado con una lista que os dejo aquí, por si le sirve a alguien que esté en su misma situación."

June 10, 2005

How to Make a Million Dollars

How to Make a Million Dollars, by Marshall Brain: "How to make a million dollars is: a) something students are interested in, and b) something I am qualified to talk about. And the talk went really well. So well, in fact, that I have received requests for copies of the presentation.

I did not make a tape, so what I have done here is lay the talk out in writing for you to read at your leisure. I hope that it is helpful to you, and and that it shows you how to begin walking down the path to wealth.

Let's get started on making your first million dollars..."

Switching to Intel: developers speak out

Switching to Intel: developers speak out: "Late last night (UK time) I set about contacting a number of OS X developers, asking them for their initial thoughts on the switch to Intel chips.

Because I wanted them to be honest and speak from the heart, I offered them the chance to be quoted anonymously if they wished. Not one who has responded so far has taken up that offer; to their credit, all the individuals who responded were happy to be quoted by name.

Broadly speaking, the response is positive, although several respondents had concerns about the future."

Writing Tool #50: The Writing Process

Poynter Online - Writing Tool #50: The Writing Process: "In 1983, Donald Murray wrote on a chalkboard a little diagram that changed my writing and teaching forever. It was a modest blueprint of the writing process as he understood it, five words that describe the steps toward creating a story. As I remember them now, the words were: Idea. Collect. Focus. Draft. Clarify. In other words, the writer conceives a story idea, collects things to support it, discovers what the story is really about, attempts a first draft, and revises in the quest for greater clarity."

June 09, 2005

Some blogs from Bolivia

Some Bolivian Blogs that are talking about the current situation:


Looks like the shit is really going to hit the fan in the next couple of hours. Don´t know what to expect, on the short term anything other than the Congress acepting the president of the supreme court as the new president is going to bring caos, but the fact that Evo Morales won´t play by the rules (he already lost two years ago) is not a good sign of his attitude if he is in power.

Nerds make better lovers

New York Daily News - Home - Nerds make better lovers: "When it comes to the between-the-sheets aspect of the relationship, Carroll agreed that a girl couldn't do much better than a less-than-perfect male specimen. 'We've all been to bed with the guy who is worried about what he looks like, checking the mirror before he gets in bed,' she said. 'The nerd, gloriously, stunningly, perfectly, is into the woman. That right there is very stirring, sexually.'"

Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars ever

Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars ever - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Occasionally, Wikipedians lose their minds and get into edit wars over the most petty things. This is to document that phenomenon. Please note: edit warring itself is lame. This page is dedicated to edit wars with lame or silly causes, not to exhaustively documenting all the real and contentious edit wars."

What the Apple Plan To Switch to Intel Chips Means for Consumers

Personal Technology -- Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal.: "In the long term, the change will strengthen Apple and the Mac, which is good news for anyone devoted to that platform or considering switching to it. That's because Intel's processors and other chips will give Apple more options than IBM's products could for building Macs that run faster and cooler, and have longer battery life. The first Intel-based Mac is due in spring 2006."

Designing for the Sandbox Designing for the Sandbox: "People who design experiences often believe that in order to succeed they must exert complete control. And while in extremely rare instances they might be afforded the opportunity to dictate an entire environment (say, in a casino, or a theme park), when designing for the real world, for the ebb and flow of actual lives, such control is impossible. Often, the designer's response is to exert as much control as possible on their portion of this world. (Jeff found out this sad fact when reviewing submissions to an interactive design competition.) In fact, the best thing a designer can do is dictate *as little as possible.* Because the point isn't to control, it's to connect--to weave your offering into the complexity of people's life experiences, to allow them to figure out how to make sense of your offering within their world. "

June 08, 2005

Mashup Webservices

Foopad: Mashup Webservices: "Add links to your 43things tasklist, compose a summary of an event and post it to your Wordpress blog, drag Flickr photos to your Backpack workspace."

Apple & Intel: What you need to know

Macworld: Feature: Apple & Intel: What you need to know: "Apple’s startling announcement that it will begin a transition away from PowerPC chips to Intel-made processors has left Mac fans’ heads spinning, and not just because a former “enemy” of the Mac is now counted among its allies. Many details about the transition are unclear or flat-out missing — after all, Apple said it won’t be shipping any Intel-based Macs until next year. And let’s be honest — computer chips are not exactly the simplest topic under the sun.

To help you sort out this situation, here’s what you need to know about the Apple-Intel announcement — in the form of frequently-asked questions."

Dating an Apple Developer

A Serendipitous Intention » Blog Archive » Dating an Apple Developer: "I like to think that behind every good developer there is a good woman. No. A great woman. It takes a special breed to put up with the stuff that comes along with dating a computer nerd. Those of you who have ever been with a hard core geek know what I’m talking about. Some day I think it would be easier to date one of those guys who hangs out at the golf course all day with his buddies drinking beer"

GMAT Study Strategy

GMAT Study Strategy: "I’ve searched all over the internet and read all the major books on preparing for the GMAT. The main thing that current GMAT prep books do well is to help identify what you’ll face on the test. What they don’t do well is to help you to know how to actually study each type of question and how to apply the strategies effectively. I’ve struggled to try and figure out how take a more active posture in studying such that information is not only retained, but efficiency improved. I’m tired of hearing, “just do a lot of problems.” That’s not useful. That was what people were telling me. One person, who attained a 740 on the GMAT at 46 years of age, the first time she took the test, stated how important it was to stay active and not be passive while studying. The point of this whole guide is on how to become an active learner for the GMAT and avoid being passive"

GMAT Resources

GMAT Resources: "GMAT Resources"

June 07, 2005

Splashy novels

New York Daily News - Entertainment - Splashy novels: "In our book, the reads that'll shore be hits this summer"

Snap judgments > News > Technology -- Snap judgments: "One of the benefits of digital photography – the fact that amateurs can take better-looking photos and doctor them using photo-editing software – is also becoming a bane. Photofinishing labs increasingly are refusing to print professional-looking photographs taken by amateurs."

June 06, 2005

Taking care of its core

Taking care of its core | "Apple is set to announce that it will switch its computers from microprocessors supplied by IBM and Motorola to those made by Intel, the world’s biggest chipmaker. Emboldened by the success of its iPod music player, this is Apple’s latest move in an attempt to return to the mass market"

Jobs Drops Da Intel Bomb

Wired News: Jobs Drops Da Intel Bomb: "Steve Jobs confirmed weeks of hard-to-believe rumors Monday, saying that Apple Computer will end its 11-year partnership with IBM and adopt a new generation of microprocessors from Intel."

Apple Intel Developer Transition Kit

Developer Transition Kit: "The Developer Transition Kit brings together all the components you need to create Universal Binaries that run on Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors. The Kit contains the information, sample code, software, and hardware you'll need to develop a Universal Binary."

Macworld San Francisco 2005 Expo Keynote

Apple - QuickTime - Guide - Apple Events - Macworld San Francisco 2005 Expo Keynote: "Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs deliver the Macworld Expo keynote address from Moscone Center in San Francisco. See the video-on-demand webcast right here exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

Rumours fly over Apple-Intel deal

BBC NEWS | Technology | Rumours fly over Apple-Intel deal: "Apple is about to announce that it is dropping IBM chips in favour of those made by Intel, reports suggest."

June 03, 2005

Clean, Cutting-edge UI Design Cuts McAfee’s Support Calls by 90%

Clean, Cutting-edge UI Design Cuts McAfee’s Support Calls by 90%: "So, how’d McAfee do it? How did they maintain hot sales activity and yet reduce their initial support load by 90 percent?

Two words: user interface.

This was no lucky accident, of course; McAfee made user interface (UI) design a prime directive of ProtectionPilot very early on."


Synergy: "Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware. It's intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own monitor(s)."

June 02, 2005

Think you know the Apple Newton's History? Think again

Think you know the Apple Newton's History? Think again :: osViews | osOpinion :: Tech Opinions for the People, by the People: "
'We've all heard of Apple's Newton, the portable handheld device under John Sculley's rule at Apple that debuted to big media attention and much fanfare but never managed to take a strong footing in the marketplace -- only to be 'Steve'd' when Mr. RDF killed the project after taking control of Apple. That's the extent of knowledge most of us have with regard to Apple's first handheld device.

Thomas Hormby submitted the following editorial to osOpinion/osViews, which gives us more in-depth knowledge about the Netwon project during its original development -- such as the fact that it could be said that the Netwon originated from a concept device Sculley called Knowledge Navigator.' "

June 01, 2005


IsraCast: Technology in Israel: "An Israeli Inventor has developed a breathing apparatus that will allow breathing underwater without the assistance of oxygen tanks. This new invention will use the relatively small amounts of air that already exist in water to supply oxygen to both scuba divers and submarines. The invention has already captured the interest of most major diving manufacturers as well as the Israeli Navy."

How to do the Star Wars trilogy in 58 minutes

How to do the Star Wars trilogy in 58 minutes | "Without the use of props - or any other actors - Mr. Ross sings John Williams's theme music, mimes the crawling yellow text at the beginning of each episode, replicates the sound effects of whooshing X-Wing Starfighters, and impersonates all the characters, even minor ones such as Admiral Akbar, the tunic-wearing squid-like creature that makes Jabba the Hut look like a pretty boy. Improbable as it may sound, Ross accomplishes the whole thing in 58 minutes."